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Working to create the highest quality marijuana products

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Welcome to Botanical Laboratories

Premier Cannabis Oil Producers

Founded in 2016 our passion is cannabis and our purpose is to provide the state of Oregon with the highest quality of marijuana products on the market. With deep knowledge of the industry, and a passion for cannabis, we believe that every consumer deserves to be a connoisseur. By upholding the highest standards throughout our processes and bringing only the best products to market, we can make this a reality.

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High Clarity BHO

We take only the highest quality cannabis to put into our products. You can find our creations in recreational retail shops throughout Oregon. We strive to provide the highest quality extracts at an affordable price.

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Co-Branded Packaging

At botanical Laboratories we appreciate how proud growers are of their material. We want you to be recognized for the pivotal role you play in the process, so we put your logo on the package.

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Laboratory Building

We are a solutions provider for hydrocarbon and solvent free extraction methods. Our facilities are fully compliant to the highest level of infrastructure needed.

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Meet the team

We are Marijuana professionals
Team Member

This is Matt

Using nothing but his sweat, passion, and belief, Matt built the first recreational cannabis lab in Portland, Oregon. Botanical Laboratories is the culmination of over two years of his dedicated work.


CEO & Founder
Team Member

This is Kramer

BHO guru. This company is 10 years in the making for Kramer and a dream of his. He is passionate to a fault about the quality of our products.


Production Director
Team Member

This is Christian

He started as our graphic designer and turned into our office manager, marketing, social media, packaging, do all person. We don't know what to call him but office manager seemed to stick.


Office Mngr & Designer
Team Member

This is Jason

Has been making quality marijuana extracts for the last 5 years, he really knows his stuff. The machines we use to make our wonderful extracts, he used to build them.

Jason Merkel


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